Lap57 at Red Bull CPD finals

Friday the 28th of November will witness the Red Bull Car Park Drift middle east final round at Meydan Dubai. Lap57 workshop will be sponsoring the Egyptian Drift Champion Haitham Samir Ali, winner of Egypt qualifier along with Ahmed Tarek, on his Toyota Supra.

Haitham was supposed to be racing on his newly built MAZDA RX8 2Jz Supra project, but the car was not finished on time as scheduled. So he will be participating on the Jordanian Drift Champ Rafat Haroun, who couldn’t make it on the Jordan CPD qualifier due to a blown engine. Haitham will be racing on a BMW E36, having a turbo M50 engine. Lap57 is sponsoring Haitham on the coming event, giving support and service of any kind needed.

We are all here at Lap57 wishing Haitham best of luck, and will leave you with a video for Rafat Haroun on the same car at the Jordan Qualifier.