About Us


We started the workshop back in 2005 as a part time hobby, now it’s a full time Job with professional people who have years of experience in the field working on high performance cars. Same people who can proudly say that they won UAETCC title 5 times consecutively and class winner in Dubai 24hrs Endurance race.





The EG is intensively modified to compete for 2 years in the UAETCC series and was entered to compete with factory build cars like the clio cup. The old B18 engine was replaces by a more reliable K20 engine, suspension, brakes and aero was enhansed to give a much needed advantage to win.


  • UAE Touring Car Champion for 2008/2009.
  • UAE Touring Car Class 2 winner for 2009/20010.

An original FD2R was imported from Japan where we then had to strip the car to shell convert the car to LHD. The car was intended to compete in Dubai 24hrs endurance series but due to luck and misfortune the car only achived 5th best in it’s class however the car was entered in the UAETCC series and proved to be a very strong competitor.


  • UAE Touring Car class 2 winner for 2010/2011
  • UAE Touring Car class 2 winner for 2011/2012

DC5 went though a lot of changes while it was competing and proved a very reliable race car.It car was entered and competed from 2008 season until 20012 season. 4 seasons and achieved 2nd in class wins, but the car shined and proved it self when enterd it’s first Dubai 24hrs Endurance race in  2011 and finished 2nd in class.The following year the car received few modifications for help in speed and reliability and it did not disappoint by winning the class at the Dubai 24hrs Endurance race.


  • Dunlop 24 Hours of Dubai Class A2 Winner


Built by JAS Motorsport, the TCR was brought to start the new season of 2017. TCR will take part on 24H series and TCR Middle East series races as well.